In addition to a rather nice bed and breakfast, Wooster also provides a home for

  • The College of Wooster, a distinguished liberal arts college

    Less than two blocks from the Black Squirrel Inn, the College of Wooster annually hosts numerous public events. See the college’s website for their calendar of exciting events. If you find yourself traveling for any reason to the College of Wooster, a bed and breakfast like ours can make your visit comfortable and convenient.

  • The Ohio Light Opera, the best of the lyric theatre tradition

    Housed in the College of Wooster’s Freedlander Theatre, the Ohio Light Opera produces six to eight light opera favorites each summer season. Make your visit to the theatre complete with an overnight stay in the closest Wooster bed and breakfast to it, the Black Squirrel Inn.

  • The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, the agricultural research center for Ohio State University

    If business with the OARDC brings you to Wooster, you can make your stay comfortable and convenient in our B and B. The OARDC is less than two miles away from our doors. If you are traveling to Wooster, the Seacrest Arboretum at the OARDC is open to the public and beautiful all year round.

  • Amish Country Ohio, the largest settlement of Amish in North America

    Amish country starts just ten miles away from our Bed and Breakfast. Holmes Country, Ohio and its neighboring counties are home to over 30,000 Amish whose simple lives have captivated the imaginations and hearts of non-Amish visitors. Horses and buggies, not uncommon in Wooster, are quite commonplace in the towns (Berlin, Millersburg and Fredericksburg) south of the Inn. Amish Country Ohio is just a short drive away.